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  • 25 Oct 2017Business Review for January-September 2017
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A rental services company, and more

Ever since the beginning of the 1950’s Cramo has been a pioneering force in the rental industry. Responding first to the European post-war reconstruction, hard-to-come-by professional equipment became more readily available through shared resources. Then to suit the needs of customers, by extending the offer to include not only a full range of products but also rental related services and support.

Helping small and big customers in the construction industry, trade and industry, public sector as well as private customers as a full rental services supplier.

Today Cramo is one of Europe’s leading service and equipment providers in the rental industry. With a dedicated focus on business ethics and sustainability we operate in 14 countries.

For more than 60 years we have strived to make the working days and lives easier and better for our clients. We have done this by providing the best equipment available and by sharing our knowledge and passion for service.

This quest has become our mission. We believe that we can improve, not just life at work, but life in general for our customers. Coming home, spending time with your family, playing with your children, being there for a friend – it all starts with a great day at work.

Locally accessible, globally responsible


An experienced organization with well trained professionals and high business ethics provides you with what you need, when you need it in a responsible way.


For you to manage your operations and projects it is crucial that practicalities work smoothly. We make it happen so you can put time and money where it’s needed.


As projects proceed, needs tend to change. With a rental solution from us, you get instant service and support and can easily adapt your rental equipment to your new situation.


Cramo rental is sustainable

We are helping you to improve your working environment and to reduce your environmental impact. When renting equipment from Cramo you can rest assured that you are taking responsibility when it comes to work ethics and our environment – globally as well as on-site.

Renting equipment has clear benefits as shared resources leads to less environmental impact as well as financial advantages.

Since 2009 Cramo Group has a signed commitment to UN Global Compact. The commitment means working under the UN ten basic Principles for Responsible entrepreneurship. The principles include human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

A report on progress is sent each year to the United Nations. A common sustainability program was initiated in 2010 and 2011, focusing on developing customer and employee relations and reducing environmental impact.