Additional information to Finnish shareholders

Additional information on the partial demerger of Cramo Plc and trading in Adapteo Plc shares

The Extraordinary General Meeting of Cramo Plc (“Cramo”), which was held on 17 June 2019, resolved on a partial demerger of Cramo into a company named Adapteo Plc (“Adapteo”). In the demerger, Cramo’s shareholders will receive one (1) Adapteo share for each one (1) Cramo share held at the demerger execution date (expected to be 30 June 2019). Adapteo shares are registered on the book-entry accounts of the shareholders of Cramo on or about 1 July 2019. Trading in Adapteo shares is expected to commence on Nasdaq Stockholm on or about 1 July 2019.

Please note that Finnish shareholders of Adapteo who wish to trade shares in Adapteo on Nasdaq Stockholm may, depending on the shareholder’s custodian bank, face extra trading costs, limitations in the ability to trade shares online, and potentially a longer settlement time. This is because in connection with selling the shares, they need to be transferred from the Finnish securities system to the Swedish securities system by the shareholder’s custodian bank, and this generates costs. Similarly, when a Finnish investor acquires shares in Adapteo through Nasdaq Stockholm, the acquired shares need to be transferred from the Swedish securities system to the Finnish securities system. The reason for this is that under applicable legislation, a Finnish investor is not allowed to hold shares of Finnish companies on nominee-registered accounts.

You can contact your custodian bank regarding matters concerning trading on Nasdaq Stockholm. You will find their contact information typically on their company web pages or online bank. Contact details for certain commonly used custodian banks are listed below:

  • OP
    OP service number 0100 0500 (Mon–Fri 8–22, Sat 10–16)
  • Nordea
    You can receive more detailed information by contacting Nordea 24/7 – Customer service, tel. 0200 3000 or through chat. You can call or chat through the mobile bank after identifying yourself with your access codes.
  • Danske Bank
    Investment services, tel. 0200 2000 Mon–Thu 8–20, Fri 8–18:30, Sat 10–16, Sun 12–18
  • Nordnet
    Brokerage services, tel. 020 198 5898 Mon–Fri 9:45–19
  • Aktia
    Customer service tel. 010 247 010 Mon–Fri 8–20
  • Evli
    Investment Service tel. 09 4766 9701 Mon–Fri 9:30–16:30
  • Handelsbanken
    Personal Handelsbanken contact person or tel. 010 444 2442 Mon–Fri 8–18:30, Sat 10–16
  • S-Pankki
    Customer service tel. 010 76 5800 Mon–Thu 9–20, Fri 9–18
  • SEB
    Personal Private Banking contact person or tel. 09 131 55500 Mon–Fri 9–17
  • Säästöpankki
    Customer service tel. 010 773 6777 Mon–Fri 8–22
  • Ålandsbanken
    Personal Ålandsbanken contact person or tel. 020 429 011 Mon–Fri 9–16:30

We will continue discussions with custodian banks and strive to facilitate the finding of potential cost-efficient trading solutions for Finnish shareholders.