An ease for contractors – with Cramo’s digital Jobsite planning tool the construction plan can now be done online.

Many simultaneous activities happen at a jobsite and constructors can increase their work efficiency by using Cramo’s digital services.

Cramo’s digital webportal provides construction equipment in topnotch condition right when you need them. You can rent and return products online, check the product listing on a jobsite, see rental statistics and view invoices- all in one portal.

– I have used the service for several years now and have very good experiences from it. One important feature for me, is that a record is kept of all rentals and returns, explains Antti Kauppila Bonava’s jobsite manager.

As the newest service the constructors can now create the whole jobsite plan online. With the service the whole equipment rental budget including transportation and assembly is available in one place divided to different building phases. Once the generic plan has been approved, it is transferred to an equipment order.

Cramo’s Key Account Manager Jari Pelkonen (image) has been part of the development team for the Jobsite planning tool service.

The new Jobsite planning tool targets an increase in efficiency. The data is based on Cramo’s historical data on building projects, which is why the first suggested plan is accurate on the needs of the jobsite and the final plan can be done in less than half an hour. While making the plan it is also ensured that the equipment orders and returns are happen at the right time. The savings in time and costs are significant.

The Cramo web portal is available for Cramo customers in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania and Estonia. The Jobsite planning tool has been launched to Cramo customers in Finland and will be launched to all Cramo customers in Sweden, Norway, Lithuania and Estonia during spring 2020.