What is your Passion?

Visit our different departments to find your place at Cramo. We have opportunities in a diverse range of areas, either in the customer frontline or in supporting roles.

Rental Business

Rental is the heart of our business and where most of our people work. If you love to be close to our customers and deliver great solutions, we have many opportunities for you – in sales, inside sales, assembly or returns.

Product and Maintenance

Would you like a practical and technically challenging role? This is the area for you. Our Service Technicians work with repair and maintenance on our equipment, on the field or in one of our workshops.

Project Management

For site-hut assemblies, we have Project Managers who drive projects from start to finish – from designing a solution to building and dismantling it. Are you right for this job?


Are you an expert in optimizing our supply chain? Then, Fleet is your area. Our people in Fleet make sure that we have the right equipment available at the right place, at the right time and to an efficient cost.

Business Support

These are the people who work passionately behind the scenes in Finance, HR, Quality, Purchasing, Marketing and IT – to make sure our business runs smoothly. Are you one of them?


Do you want to take our business to the next level starting with people? Our managers have the mission to lead our people towards our high ambitions and encourage them to grow.

Join us!

At Cramo, we focus on the development of our people. We know that they are a key factor to our future success. We take responsibility to align the development of our employees with our business strategy and ensure that people are put high on the business agenda.


Cramo Development is our framework for our employees to grow and develop throughout their entire lifecycle at Cramo.


Cramo Dialogue is our tool for setting personal development targets, prioritising activities and map out the road ahead.


We follow up on employee engagement and satisfaction, to ensure that our employees are able to perform and have a great employee experience.