Consolidated income statement


EUR 1,000 Note 1 Jan – 31 Dec 2019 1 Jan – 31 Dec 2018
Sales 2, 21 612,637 631,894
Other operating income 22 18,115 17,269
Materials and services 23 -203,118 -204,394
Employee benefit expenses 24 -153,134 -147,877
Other operating expenses 25 -78,833 -111,945
Depreciation and impairment on tangible and intangible assets 27 -130,184 -94,239
Amortisation and impairment resulting from acquisitions 27 -4,116 -3,800
Share of profit of joint ventures 8 181 516
Operating profit 61,547 87,423
Financial income 9,758 7,866
Financial expenses -22,552 -18,090
Total financial income and expenses 28 -12,794 -10,224
Profit before taxes 48,752 77,199
Income taxes 27 -12,100 -15,878
Profit for the year, continuing operations 36,652 61,321
Profit for the year, discontinued operations 386,026 23,378
Profit for the year 422,679 84,699
Attributable to
  Owners of the parent company, continuing operations 36,652 61,321
  Owners of the parent conpany, discontinued operations 386,026 23,378
  Owners of the parent company, group total 422,679 84,699
Earnings per share for profit attributable to owners of the parent company
Basic, continuing operations EUR 30 0.82 1.38
Diluted, continuing operations EUR 30 0.82 1.37
Basic, discontinued operations EUR 30 8.64 0.53
Diluted, discontinued operations EUR 30 8.60 0.52
Basic,  group total EUR 30 9.46 1.90
Diluted, group total EUR 30 9.42 1.89
Profit for the year 422,679 84,699
Other comprehensive income 29
Items that will not be reclassified to profit or loss:
  Remeasurements on retirement benefit liabilities, net of tax -41 -35
Total items that will not be reclassified to profit or loss -41 -35
Items that may be reclassified subsequently to profit or loss: 69,441
  Change in hedging fund, net of tax 790 534
  Fair values through Other comprehensive income
  Share of Other comprehensive income of joint ventures 3,265 -1,778
  Transfer of income statement through liquidation (Indirect translation differences)
  Change in translation differencies 11 -8,113 -14,522
Total of other comprehensive income items after taxes, discontinued operations -6,713 2,675
Total items that may be reclassified subsequently to profit or loss -10,771 -13,091
Total other comprehensive income, net of tax -10,812 -13,126
Total comprehensive income for the year 411, 867 71,573
Attributable to
  Owners of the parent company 411,867 71,573

The income statement is presented for continuing operations only according to IFRS 5 as Modular Space business is treated as Discontinued operations.

Welcome to Cramo Investor pages

Cramo is a service company specialising in equipment rental services. Our equipment rental services comprise machinery and equipment rental as well as rental-related services.

As one of the industry’s leading service providers in Europe, Cramo operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In Russia and Ukraine we operate under the brand of the 50 percent owned joint venture Fortrent.

Cramo provides modern rental solutions through the Cramo Concept. Under the Cramo Concept, construction companies and customers in trade, industry and the public sector, as well as private customers, are provided with machinery and equipment through different rental solutions and services.

By combining the product portfolio with its extensive offering of services, Cramo reduces the capital invested by its customers and can create total rental solutions for every need for both the short and long term.

Through a network of about 300 depots, with a total number of rental items over 230,000, Cramo’s 2,600 employees serve over 150,000 customers in eleven countries.