Construction logistics services

Cramo is launching a number of construction logistic services to meet cost-reduction and other customer demands.

A successful construction project requires good material supplies that are well-coordinated with timetables, staffing plans and equipment. Clarity and structure on how vehicles, material and people move outside and within the construction site creates a safer and more efficient work environment. Structured on-site logistics management, on-site training and a solid communication model ensure a safe and smooth process.

By centralizing and consolidating the logistics flows, fewer transports go to the project site lowering the environmental load.

A new holistic approach to logistics

Cramo’s construction logistics services offer a holistic approach and solution, adding value during the development and planning phases as well as on the work site during the whole project.

The objective with these new services is to lower costs, shorten lead-times, reduce the environmental impact and to contribute to a safer workplace for our customers. The services will facilitate a smooth day to day process, but also benefit in a larger perspective resulting in increased productivity.

The offer covers five areas with a total of twenty different services within pre-planning, on-site logistics management, transport coordination, on-site logistics and material management.