Construction logistics undergoing innovation

To meet customers’ future needs for an efficient, safe and sustainable construction process, we are investing to develop and expand advanced construction logistics. A successful construction project requires good material supplies that are well-coordinated with timetables, staffing plans and equipment supplies.

The objective with these new services is to shorten lead-times, reduce the environmental impact and contribute to a safer workplace for its customers. Harald Sundin, who was appointed project manager, has extensive experience with many different projects that vary widely in nature, involving for example logistics for hospitals, airports and housing construction.

One important reason why our resources in the logistics field are now being expanded is to meet demand from existing customers. Another reason is that the ambitions for construction logistics will be raised with the digital journey that we have launched and is actively driving. Examples of services in demand and now undergoing development are building information modeling (BIM) and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to measure and digitalise data on what the construction site looks like in order to optimise workflows and simplify work procedures and safety.

“It will be exciting to be a part and develop Cramo’s already broad range of services. Logistics today is very much about thinking in new ways and making things work for everyone involved – regardless of the project,” says Harald Sundin.