Cramo and digital development

Cramo and IoT

In the years to come, Cramo will have all of its machinery and equipment integrated with IoT solutions. Integrated machines enable us to develop customer value and improve internal efficiency. Processes will be more digital, and we will be able to streamline the way we serve customers and do business. All interactions between Cramo and the customer can be simplified and made more transparent. In our personal lives, we expect to have instant access to information and easy-to-use interfaces with all sorts of providers of goods and services. For instance, delivery notifications via text message are standard today in consumer businesses, while online booking and returning goods are usually streamlined digital processes. This will also be standard in B2B industries. Cramo is now piloting interesting functionalities in these fields of customer interaction.

Cramo and AI

Technology is rapidly advancing in artificial intelligence (AI). We see how AI will allow Cramo to offer better customer experiences. It will enable access to more accurate information, and machines will be able to learn and do their own diagnostic “health” tests. This will be valuable information for our service organization in planning and taking appropriate action even before equipment breaks down.

Cramo and BIM

Building information modeling (BIM) is a well-established method for the design, construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure in the construction industry. BIM supports the value chain in planning, visualizing, monitoring and optimizing the work of all stakeholders in the construction process. Cramo wants to be an integral part of construction projects, with BIM playing an important role in ensuring the efficient supply of machinery and delivery of services.

Cramo and virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) is rapidly advancing and can be used in many applications today. VR simplifies the way we understand and read technical documents such as drawings and instructions. VR is also used to visualize interiors and exteriors, such as for new constructions or our site huts and modules.