Cramo brings efficiency to the construction business – a total overview of the jobsite plan in one view

The often used phrase ”A well planned job is half done” is especially true for the construction business. Jobsite Manager for Bonava, Antti Kauppila, has taken Cramo’s Jobsite planning tool into use right from the very beginning of the service launch. The expectations on the service are very high.

– The key idea of the web based service is to make planning of equipment needs in different project phases easy. My highest expectations lie around getting the costs more transparent and manageable. When the rental equipment costs are known before the project, it is easier to request the funding for the project.

The jobsite planning tool has been established with a focus on solving customer needs in a more simplified manner. Calculations done on paper can now be handled digitally allowing for easier updates and estimations. The jobsite plan includes time schedules, equipment needs and budgets, which all can be done online in less than half an hour. Using the service brings efficiency to the planning at the jobsite. Kauppila sees also other productivity benefits.

– Cramo’s tool allows you to see in one view what equipment is needed and what kind of costs are allocated to different phases of the project. The realistic overview makes everything more transparent and improves working efficiency for jobsite managers and other employees at the jobsite. In addition to that, the service ensures that the equipment is coming at the right time to the jobsite and returned when it is not needed anymore.

Kauppila has worked with Cramo in several locations. The co-operation has worked well in his opinion. His experience with the Jobsite planning tool is fairly new, but so far very positive…

– Seems like a tool with high potential.

The Jobsite planning tool service is now available for Cramo customers in Finland. Soon it will also be available for customers in Norway, Sweden and the Baltics. Please contact your account manager to get more details.

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