Cramo Care Policy

Cramo aspires to lead the way in advancing sustainability in the rental industry and to continuously mitigate our impact across the value chain. Our rental solutions provide safe, resource-efficient options for our customers, enabling them to excel in meeting their stakeholders’ requirements and expectations.

Customer Care

Priority will be given at all times to our customers’ key concerns – safety at construction sites, resource efficiency and strong business ethics. Cramo contributes to our customers’ success by enabling them to provide safe working environments, reduce their energy usage, limit their climate impact and minimise waste. An active dialogue and collaboration with our customers and other stakeholders are key to the further development of sustainable rental solutions.

Employee Care

Cramo offers safe, stimulating workplaces for all our employees, where men and women of different ages and backgrounds have the same opportunities for development. We aspire to provide a stimulating environment for both professional and personal development. A systematic and preventative approach to safety should always be the highest priority.

Environmental Care

Cramo is focused on being the most climate- and resource-efficient rental solutions company. We will work continuously to mitigate our climate impact by reducing energy usage and emissions, switching to fossil-free energy sources, reducing and recycling materials, reducing waste and handling hazardous waste properly. We take a precautionary approach to environmental considerations in procurement decisions and the selection of suppliers as well as in our customer dialogues.

Social Care

Cramo aims to be a responsible corporate citizen, contributing to a sustainable future and generating value for all our stakeholders and for society. We endeavour to take an active role in the communities we operate in and encourage our employees to contribute to local charity projects.

A common Cramo Care framework

Our policy lays out our ambitions for Cramo Care. In order to realise these ambitions, we have created a Group-wide structure and shared culture, with a Cramo management system to back this up. We will always conduct business in an ethical, transparent and lawful manner, consider legal prerequisites to be basic requirements and strive to achieve more. A systematic and preventative approach to occupational health and safety and to environmental issues is key to our success, both in-house and in our approach to customers and suppliers. To succeed with our commitment, and to secure the quality and relevance of our solutions, we work for continuous improvement. But that is not enough in our world. We strive for innovative solutions and encourage joint development projects in partnership with customers and other stakeholders to realise our ambitions.

To provide long-term value growth and manage risk Cramo prioritizes sustainability issues.

Cramo and sustainability

To evolve and grow in line with our mission, vision and values – sustainability; respect to the human, environmental, and economic implications of our operation, is vital.

It is not enough to comply with a country’s laws or to adapt to the culture of the country.

The whole business is conducted within the framework of sustainable development. Sustainable competitiveness achieved through responsiveness to customer needs, development of sustainable products and services and by conducting their own operations with sustainability considerations.