Cramo contributes to social sustainability

Being a responsible corporate citizen is a long-term commitment for us. Conducting business in an ethical, transparent and lawful manner is a top priority – everything we do has an impact.

Since 2008 we have been a main sponsor of SOS Children’s Villages at the Group level. Over the years, we have contributed 660,000 euros to various SOS projects in Ukraine, Russia, Latvia and Estonia. Our commitment involves providing financial support, marketing and sales expertise, and access to Cramo’s business network, with the intention of facilitating the long-term operation of SOS Children’s Villages and further collaboration with the Baltic business community.

Running high-quality social care operations in the Children’s Villages is resource-intensive. Over the past decade, support from Cramo has helped to ensure that some 200 children and adults have had everything from family-strengthening programmes to secure families to nutritious meals. The family-strengthening programmes are tailored to each family’s specific situation and needs, which may involve, for instance, psychological support, material assistance or aid in the form of treatment, medicine and education.

As a result of Cramo’s overall support during this period

  • Lunch and dinner have been provided to 13 families in one Children’s Village for six years
  • 88 children have had a safe and loving home in a Children’s Village for one year
  • 92 children and adults have received support through the family-strengthening programme for one year
  • 6,017 emergency cases were handled, with children receiving assistance in child-friendly places in disaster areas

With this support, long-term sustainable societies are created that are based on children and adults getting loving care, education and support, completely in line with our sustainability strategy, Cramo Care.

Photo: Björn-Owe Holmberg