Cramo contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals, established by the United Nations, address global challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation and peace and justice. The 17 goals are all interconnected, aiming at achieving a better and more sustainable future by 2030. They are relevant to each person, public and non-governmental organisation as well as to each company.

In a series of articles we will aim to explain how we at Cramo are working towards the Sustainable Development Goals. We have identified three goals where our actions have the highest impact. These, as well as all the other goals, are taken into consideration throughout our operations.

#5 Gender equality. A corporate culture based on diversity contributes to the positive future development of Cramo. Our target is to have 15% female employees within the operational organisation and 20% female managers by 2023. We also want to develop alternative ways of meeting the demands from customers regarding diversity and gender equality. One such example is the projects we are running together with some of our major customers regarding gender equal site huts, i.e. site huts with solutions that enables for example separate changing facilities for men and women.

#8 Decent work and economic growth. Safety is our first priority and integral to our business. We have established solid processes and guidance to ensure the safe handling of our equipment. At all times and throughout the Cramo Group, priority is given to systematic and precautionary safety work, including risk assessment and identification of potential hazards. We aim for zero accidents at job sites.

#12 Responsible consumption and production. Responsible sharing of resources is the core of our business. Our ambition is to work together with our customers and other stakeholders to further decrease the environmental and social impact of rental equipment and to meet customer demands by focusing on sustainable customer use, transports and logistics and sustainable sourcing. One such example is Cramo Eco Choice, our programme to support our customers in replacing non-renewable fuels with renewable energy by promoting emission free and hybrid alternatives to diesel or petrol driven equipment.

Through our daily operations we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and a more sustainable future by 2030. Join us in our efforts!