Cramo Eco Choice

Cramo Eco Choice is part of Cramo’s programme to support our customers in replacing non-renewable fuels with renewable energy. By offering a sustainable option we want to promote emission free and hybrid alternatives to diesel or petrol driven equipment, enabling our customers to make conscious sustainable choices.

Emission free and hybrid equipment are essential in reducing the carbon footprint of jobsites and in reaching the target of emission free construction. Cramo Eco Choice fleet consists of electric, battery driven and hybrid equipment. Cramo Eco Choice alternatives are currently available in following product lines and new items are added regularly:

  • construction machinery
  • outdoor access equipment
  • indoor access equipment as an outdoor alternative *
  • fuel powered tools
  • heaters

* Some of our selection of large indoor access equipment can be used as an alternative to outdoor access equipment. All of our indoor access equipment are electric.

Benefits of Cramo Eco Choice

Low carbon footprint

The carbon footprint in the usage phase of equipment under Cramo Eco Choice label is close to zero when using electricity from renewable sources such as wind, water and solar power. In comparison, diesel power has a carbon footprint of approximately 2.7 kg CO2e per litre and petrol approximately 2.3 kg CO2e per litre.


With Eco choice our customers are further enabled to reach their targets connected to ISO 14001, CDP, UN Global Compact, the Sustainable Development Goals and other similar initiatives.


Emission free equipment also reduces the level of nitrogen oxides (NOx) which is good both for the environment and for the health of the employees using the equipment. Electric or battery driven machinery also produce less noise than fuel operated equipment.