Cramo Innovation Race, January 23-26, 2017

In cooperation with Innovation Plant Cramo is arranging an “Innovation Race” in order to come up with new ideas for the rental business of tomorrow. Project Manager for the event is Tomi Sundberg, newly appointed Innovations and New Business Development Director at Cramo Group.

“I am driven with a strong passion to change leadership, business development and performance management. My track record comes together from international business developments and several years of experience on leading international teams”.

In order to select members for the race teams Tomi has reviewed a number of applications from employees in all Cramo countries. He has selected team members tor two teams that during a given time (70 hours) will solve problems and come up with innovative solutions for the future.

Mentoring the event is Kaj Mickos, Professor Emeritus Innovation Techniques from Innovation Plant, a consultancy focused on the advancement of innovations within companies. Professor Mickos has developed a model for operating innovation processes more effectively. He argues that just as with most things, innovation can be produced. We need to start building production systems for innovation to be able to meet the demands of the fast paced and ever changing world that we live in today. The Cramo Innovation Race will be the 51st race made by Innovation Plant.

How is it done?

The team members are divided into two creative groups with seven people in each group. Each creative group is led by a Process leader who will ensure that the work develops in a process and reach the goals within the given time frame. The creative groups also have industrial designers that visualizes and creates presentation materials based on the creative outcome. The creative teams also have access to back office teams selected by Tomi Sundberg.

Market Day

The race starts on Monday afternoon with preparing the participants for the race and ties the group together. The race process is structured and follows a road map of 10 steps with the goal to reach real and relevant results within the given time frame. The results will be presented for “the market” on Thursday as the last and final part of the race, The Market Day. Decision makers and different key players will be invited to take part in the presentation.

Why did you apply for the Innovation Race?

Eva Lindgren, Group Business Controller at Group Fleet Management, Solna, Sweden: “I think I can contribute with some “outside the box” thinking, both from previous experiences as Improvement Leader as well as from my work as Business Controller at Cramo. But most of all, I do not want to be a follower, I want to be a shaper and to take part of finding ways of shaping the future of the rental industry.”

Moritz Hirth, District Manager in Munich, Germeny: “I am really passionate about developing changes where ever it is necessary and to try to motivate people to implement and live these changes. I think succeeding in getting people behind an idea is one of the most satisfying successes you can have.”