Welcome to the heart of Cramo

This is Cramo

Cramo is one of Europe’s leading companies specialising in equipment rental services. We provide modern rental solutions to construction companies and customers in trade, industry and the public sector, as well as private customers.

As our partner or customer, your priorities are our priorities and it’s our mission is to make your life easier.

We do this with top class equipment, the highest possible service level throughout our company by being responsible, efficient and flexible.

Responsible means that you can trust that we provide you with what you need, when you need it. And you can rely on us doing so in a responsible way at all levels of our company, locally and globally.

Efficient so that practicalities work smoothly for you to manage your operations and projects. We make it happen so you can put time and money where it’s needed.

Flexible by being one of Europe’s main actors in the rental industry. Our local presence and broad range of equipment can accommodate you instantly.