Cramo People

We want to be number one in our industry

Together, we drive innovation to shape the future of our industry, offering our customers new digital solutions.

We have a strong people perspective

Our people are what will make us become number one in the industry, and we need to invest in them in order to enable them to perform and grow. Our ambition is to have a strong culture of collaboration, where we share best practices and develop our people through job rotation and continuous skills development.

We will have a fun journey going forward, towards our exciting goal of becoming number one in the industry.

It’s the people around us who make us what we are

And that’s why we used a football team in this film. In football, it’s the team and how well they play together that determine their success. In the same way, the Cramo team works hand in hand with colleagues and customers to make every project successful. And that’s why Cramo is right for the job.

This film was made by Cramo in Germany with the help of the Feldkirchen Lions football team.

Production: Naumann Film
Director and cinematographer: Klaus Naumann