Cramo re-starts operations in Latvia

Small affiliate established nearby Riga city centre

Cramo has now re-established a presence in Latvia. Three years ago Cramo divested its operations in Latvia to Storent Investments, but we can now see the gradual appearance of Cramo branded equipment on the Latvian market

Klavs Otisons, head of Baltic operations and part of Cramo’s Group management team, states that this was already in the business plan for 2020. The Lithuanian operations had already last year planned for a small affiliate in Riga with the aim to serve existing customers that are also working with construction projects in Latvia.

“The plan is to have a full-scale depot by the end of 2020. Operations of a larger scale depend on the budget process for next year and the business plan that is in creation. Rental in Latvia as in any other country is growing, so there is definitely a business opportunity even though the market is slower now than previous years due to COVID-19”, states Klavs.

At present the affiliate in Riga is supported by the Lithuanian organisation where there are many synergies when it comes to our fleet and service. There are currently construction projects in the Riga where Cramo has delivered site huts and more equipment from all our four product areas are following suit.

The Cramo depot in Riga accounts for a couple of thousand sqm and is being equipped with products as well as a customer service area. Depot branding is ongoing and should be completed shortly.

On the topic that if there will be more depot opening Klavs underlines the fact that the business plan is still in creation and we will probably know by the end of the year.