Customer care

Achieving customer satisfaction – by contributing to our customers’ success and making their lives easier – is key to Cramo. Our customers can always trust that we work with great integrity and meet high business ethics standards.

Innovation through partherships

Cramo’s ambition is to play an active role in developing sustainable solutions – not just to meet existing requirements and regulations but to help further development towards a more sustainable world. An active dialogue and structured cooperation with customers and other stakeholders are crucial components of this strategy.

Health and safety at customer sites

Safety is our first priority and an integral part of our business. Cramo provides a wide range of safety equipment as well as training and broader safety solutions. Our vision is zero accidents at construction sites.

Increasing demand for safety training

Cramo School is our successful concept for offering training to customers in order to effeciently create awareness and  competence to prevent accidents at construction sites. One of Cramo Schools’s strengths is connecting theory to practice – making participants actively aware that they should not take unnecessary risks and of how to work safely.


Sustainable Services and Solutions

Customer Feedback