Data from a connected fleet adds value to the rental offer

Rental is professional sharing economy at its best and with new technologies, a connected fleet and new user interfaces the business is undergoing major changes.

Even though the construction business is not typically seen as innovative many manufacturers invest heavily in new technology, which is a great potential for our rental customers to make all phases of construction more effective.

At Cramo we are developing new services based on technology that will help us develop our business further adding even more value to the rental offer. The development is driven by us in a climate where ideas are encouraged and then developed together with our customers.

Connected fleet

Martin Holmgren, Fleet Manager at Cramo Group, is responsible for digitalization on Group level. Martin explains that the most important objective with our development is to deliver rental solutions that increase our customers’ productivity. One of the means to do this is to have a connected fleet which will give the possibility to monitor and gather data that will serve as input to decision making and a more effective construction process.

Renting just got smarter

We have recently launched a digital solution that contains an easy-to-access web portal and two mobile apps, making it easier for customers to plan, rent and manage equipment digitally, get a better overview of their rentals and manage returns of equipment. Today the customer can find all documents connected to the equipment by scanning the product number with a mobile camera but in the future the idea is to use the connectivity to get actionable data in order to optimize usage even further.

Construction logistics

But there are also other areas of the construction process where we believe that we can add value. One important area is construction logistics.

“There is a great potential to add value to our customers by developing transparent digital tools that will support the whole chain of material being transported all the way from the factories via sub-contractors to the workplace,” says Martin Holmgren.

“We are in the business of helping to make our customers efficient and successful.”