Dialogue, Empowerment and Satisfaction

Cramo Dialogue defines the approach whereby Cramo engages in dialogue with its personnel for performance enhancement and talent development purposes. The aim is to create an open dialogue culture at Cramo, one with an atmosphere of confidence and trust, and to secure the understanding of each individual’s personal role and targets in relation to Group strategy. Performance appraisals, on individual as well as on team level, following the same process are carried through everywhere in the Group on an annual basis.

Cramopol is an internal communication tool founded in Cramo’s values and ethics, played in the format of a table game. The main objectives of Cramopol are; communicating core values and guiding common work ethics’ in the Cramo Group; increase the awareness and understanding of group strategies and targets; foster an innovative and creative corporate culture.

Employee satisfaction is monitored through an independent, anonymous group level questionnaire on a bi-annual basis as well in Cramo Dialogue. When needed, Cramo’s subsidiaries and business units are encouraged to conduct complementary studies. Cramo’s subsidiaries and business units are responsible for establishing local HR development plans based on the survey results and for monitoring the realisation and result of these plans at a subsidiary and country level.