EcoFleet is our new, greener product line

Cramo’s new EcoFleet product category is a collection of lower-emission machinery and equipment, offering an alternative to more traditional products.

“EcoFleet is Cramo’s own label under which we gather a selection of products from different manufacturers, with a focus on products that produce lower emissions than other machinery and equipment on the market,” says Joni Ihalainen, the head of Cramo’s earth moving equipment unit.

The new product line advocates green values, and products accepted into it are required to have their low emission level proven by measurements.

“It will include a wide selection of products, ranging from hoisting equipment to generators and from drills to wheel loaders, just to name a few,” notes Ihalainen.

Although many of the products under the EcoFleet label are plug-in or battery-operated, internal combustion engine equipment that utilizes new technology can also be included in the category. A prerequisite is that it has lower emissions when compared to older stock.

“The product line also encompasses equipment utilizing hybrid technology, such as certain hoists or earth moving equipment,” comments Ihalainen.

Lower emissions, less noise

As the name indicates, EcoFleet is a product line featuring equipment that produces not only lower emissions but also less noise.

“On many sites, this is important also from the point of view of occupational safety. If you work indoors with insufficient ventilation, the machine cannot belch out thick black exhaust fumes into the working space.”

As the decibel level must also remain within certain limits when working indoors, machinery running on electricity is the most sensible alternative in this case.

Competitive machinery – also when it comes to pricing

“Our goal is to offer an alternative to more traditional equipment. The customer can choose the desired equipment category and the most suitable option for their needs,” says Ihalainen.

For instance, the customer ordering the work may require the contractor to comply with green values on its construction sites. In this case, the machinery must also contribute to this approach.

“Of course the product line also takes the ecological aspect into account. For instance, in landscaping it would be quite odd if yards were worked on with equipment that makes loud noises and fills the air with thick exhaust fumes during the work,” Ihalainen describes.

The range of products is continuously being expanded but already now the products available include small plug-in, battery-operated and hybrid wheel loaders as well as hoisting and earth moving fleet that is well suited for indoor demolition work or landscaping, for example.

According to Ihalainen, the products in the EcoFleet category are priced so that they are a good alternative also from a financial perspective:

“The aim is for the machinery and equipment in the product group to be priced competitively when compared to more traditional internal combustion engine products.”