Employee care

Our overall business success depends on the commitment and engagement of our employees. A corporate culture based on diversity contributes to the positive future development of Cramo. We want to offer men and women of different ages and back­grounds similar development opportunities.  Different experiences and educational backgrounds are seen as strengths.

Monitoring employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is crucial to good performance and is regularly monitored via employee satisfaction servey at Cramo. We aim to gain insights on how our employees experi­ence their daily work to understand our strengths and weakness as an employer. Through dialogue about the results and actions of improvements, we strive to create involvement and engagement from all employees. The overall purpose is to create a more sustainable work environment that contributes to high engagement and a great employee experience. The results are presented to our board to support decisions about future improvement priorities. Each manager with own direct reports is also accountable for following up the results and create actions for his/her team.

Cramo safety

Priority is given to systematic and preventative safety work, including risk assessment and the identification of potential hazards, throughout Cramo Group..

Our People Promise

Cramo’s people promise, “We are Shapers”, empha­sises our decision to focus on our employees and demonstrates our belief that they are one of the main sources of our future success and continuous growth. The people promise clarifies what people can expect from their journey as an employee at Cramo. Colla-

borating, sharing knowledge, supporting and helping each other as well as being open-minded and inno-

vative are valued traits that are encouraged.

In addition, all employees are actively offered various opportunities for development and for shaping their own career. Cramo Development is our framework for our employees to grow and develop throughout their entire lifecycle at Cramo. The framework defines the kind of behaviour and professional know-how that are expected of employees at different levels. The expec­tations are based on Cramo’s common values and our strategy. The framework supports and guides our employees in their personal and professional growth in a clear, inspiring manner throughout their time at Cramo.

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Employee policy

Dialogue, Empowerment and Satisfaction

Competence Development