Employee care

Our overall business success depends on the commitment and engagement of our employees. We want to offer safe, stimulating workplaces for all our employees, developing and scuring key competence. With a good mix of people – men and women of different ages and background – we expect to meet diverse customer demands.

Monitoring employee satisfaction

We regularly monitor employee satisfaction. In the latest Cramo Group’s Trust Index Survey, conducted in 2015 by Great Place to Work, Cramo achieved an average score of 67%. 75% of employees responded positively to the statement “Taking everything into account, I would say this is a gret place to work!”, indicating an overall positive workplace experience above the survey average.

Based on the survey results, country-specific activities were carried out in 2015 and 2016. For example, Cramo Poland modified the training path for new employees in order to provide more support to depot managers on how to conduct traning. Cramo Czech Republic and Cramo Slovakia introduced a specific salary review dialogue based on an analysis of the employee’s salary trend over the past three years. The dialogue is aimed at increasing the transparency of the process and explaining the principles of the bonus system.

Cramo safety

Priority is given to systematic and preventative safety work, including risk assessment and the identification of potential hazards, throughout Cramo Group.

Customised safety card training classes

Safety card training is mandatory at Construction sites and in several industrial plants in Finland. Since early 2016, Cramo Finland is qualified to conduct customised safety card training classes for employees and thus raise safety awareness.

Challenge for reporting incidents launched

For four months in the autumn of 2016, Cramo Norway launched a challenge for all employees to report incidents. The initiative resulted in a better understanding among employees of the purpose and importance of incident reporting as a way to prevent accidents.

Cramo development

Cramo Development is our common framework for employee onboarding, training and skills development acrross Cramo Group. The purpose of Cramo Development is to encourage the prefessional growth of all employees throughout their career, thus ensuring expertise and efficiency are found at all organisational levels.

Cramo Development defines the skills and competence needed for each position. The training modules, such as the on-the-job Cramo School and Cramo Academy managment training, are continuously developed and adapted to new customer demands and local needs. The annual average traning time per employee in 2016 was 1.75 days.

Cramo Dialogue is a structured employee dialogue for monitoring and continuously enhancing employee satisfaction and dedication. It is an efficient tool for setting personal development targets and prioritising activities for improvement. Our policy is for all employees to have an annual performance reviews.

Cramo diversity

A corporate culture based on diversity is important to the favourable future development of Cramo. We want to offer men and women of different ages and backgrounds the same development opportunities.

Continues strong focus on gender equality at Cramo Sweden

In 2016, Cramo Sweden continued its strong focus on gender equality. The goal was to recruit at least 30 women to the depot network before the end of 2017. To achieve this goal, Cramo Sweden worked with a wide range of activities, such as arranging an open house on International Women’s Day, cooperating with recruitment companies that specialise in finding women with the right skills and providing women’s networks in all Cramo regions.

The goal of recruiting at least 30 women was exceeded. A total of 36 women were recruited to the depot network in Sweden in 2016. As a result, the number of women in the depot network increased to 81 in 2016, compared to 55 in 2015.