Employee care

Our overall business success depends on the commitment and engagement of our employees. We want to offer safe, stimulating workplaces for all our employees, developing and scuring key competence. With a good mix of people – men and women of different ages and background – we expect to meet diverse customer demands.

Monitoring employee satisfaction

Since employee satisfaction is crucial to good performance, it is regularly monitored. The latest Cramo Group’s Trust Index Survey was conducted in 2017 by the UK-based company Great Place to Work. Cramo achieved an average score of 68%. Some 76% of our employees agreed with the statement “Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work!”, indicating a positive overall workplace experience, above the survey average.

Cramo safety

Priority is given to systematic and preventative safety work, including risk assessment and the identification of potential hazards, throughout Cramo Group.

New People Promise

In early 2018, Cramo launched its new people promise, called “We are Shapers” – with the ambition to increase employee engagement and strengthen Cramo’s employer brand. This people promise emphasises our decision to focus on our employees and demonstrates our belief that they are one of the main sources of our future success and continuous growth.

Cramo diversity

A corporate culture based on diversity is important to the favourable future development of Cramo. We want to offer men and women of different ages and backgrounds the same development opportunities.

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Employee policy

Dialogue, Empowerment and Satisfaction

Competence Development