Erica, Logistics Coordinator, SWEDEN

“You need to be engaged in your work”

In the service workshop in Länna, a surburb of Stockholm, you will find Erica in the logistics department. It is a spacious warehouse with equipment stacked from the ceiling to the floor. This is where tools and machines which have been reconditioned, are shipped in and out of Cramo. Erica and her colleagues receive orders from Cramo depots all over Sweden and make sure the equipment is properly handled.

“I usually take the lead in here”, Erica says with a smile.

In the workplace, people are quite straight-forward and honest – it suits her perfectly. She doesn’t mind taking an informal leader role. By her colleagues, Erica is perceived as an open-minded person with a positive can-do attitude and a big portion of humor.

Erica, who is originally trained as a painter, is used to practical tasks and she easily sees what needs to be done.

“We are a small workplace, and to thrive here you need to take initiatives and make things happen. You need to be engaged in your work”, she continues.

As much as she prefers to be fully focused on work when she is there, when she leaves work she takes on a somewhat different role. Life outside Cramo mostly revolves around her daughter, hanging out with friends and travelling. Her next adventure will be a road trip on Ireland and in the UK. And if she can dream, she sees herself on the British Islands later in life. On Erica’s right arm, ”En vacker dag i framtiden” is written in ink. Translated, it means “A beautiful day in the future” and it is a saying that makes her motivated to always do her best – at work and outside.


What’s is your favourite tool?
“I just moved to a new apartment, so my favorite tool is a screwdriver and a SDS hammer drill.”

What do you do when you are not at work?
“I spend all my free time with my daughter, and doing jiu jitsu. Sometimes I meet friends for a pint or do other activities.”

What did you have for lunch today?
“I ate mashed potatoes with cevapi.”

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