Extra space delivered quickly

Extra space delivered quickly for the students in Tiirismaa school.

Due to problems with indoor air quality in the permanent buildings, Tiirismaa school in Lahti, Finland has been operating in Cramo Adapteo modular facilities since 2016. For this year, the school needed more space due to an increased number of students. As a solution, the old one-floor building was replaced with a new two-floor solution with the total area of 1600 m2 of the module type C90+ as the new E building. The new premises were delivered to the school straight from the factory right before the start of the school year, in mid-August 2018.

The Tiirismaa school fully operates in facilities delivered by Cramo Adapteo. The school now has three buildings of the type C80, one C90+ and two other Cramo Adapteo buildings in use. Students in classes 0-9 study in the school so the facilities need to serve the needs of students of different age.

The new permanent school building is scheduled to be completed in 2023 and the Tiirismaa school will operate in the Cramo Adapteo modules until then.

Cramo Adapteo: www.cramoadapteo.com