Green module from Cramo Adapteo

Green Module – low energy utilization and low environmental impact are the basis for our green thinking

Within the Swedish Cramo Adapteo organization the concept of Green module is launched 2018.

Energy-efficient buildings with good insulation, effective windows and doors are a matter of course today. Cramo Adapteo´s modules are synchronized with today’s demands and have therefore become increasingly energy efficient. This responsibility lies with us a supplier, but other factors such as geographical location, shadow or sun, wind factors and day-to-day use also affect energy consumption.

The environmental impact is about greenhouse gas emissions – primarily carbon dioxide emissions – ie the amount of kg CO2 that is generated in the production of the energy required for the heating of the modules. The environmental impact can thus be reduced by energy-efficient modular buildings or the choice of energy source.

To clarify our position, we choose to use the term Green module from Cramo Adapteo. It consists of two components: energy usage and environmental foot-print, ie CO2 emissions. The environmental impact from green modules are approximately 40-50% lower than for corresponding standard modules depending on where in the country the modules are located.

New modules like the C90 and C100, with their high degree of energy efficiency, are green regardless of the type of heating. Older module types are green if the heat production takes place via district heating or heat pump.

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