High tech modular Merianschule in Frankfurt, Germany

Cramo Adapteo delivers a large three-story school building to Merianschule in Frankfurt. The building includes an innovative heating concept and meets all modern standards of fire protection. Escape routes are easily accessible and clearly marked in case of fire.

The 3.510 sqm school container-type building is already now seen by the head of school Brigitte Schulz as a significant improvement compared to the old building. “We are very happy with the quality of the school building. We didn´t really expect that. I particularly like the massive wooden doors and the high-quality staircases.“

In the third floor are rooms for disabled children. “The low reverberation in the rooms are very positive.“ Acoustic panels are installed in all modules, therefore there is a silent working atmosphere in the classrooms, as a result students with special needs can concentrate better.

The technical solution offered was very convincing because the energy consumption is much lower than the requirements in the tender. That was solved by using infra-red heating panels. The flat panels were mounted under the ceiling, saving space and offering a high degree of safety. Thanks to the infrared panels only one radiator is sufficient per module. Solid objects are heated directly by the infra-red technology in contrast to electric heaters, which need air to heat transfer. The radiated objects store the heat and give off an even warmth in the room. Hardly any energy is lost even while opening the windows for fresh air, because the walls have stored the heat. All corridors and rooms of the Merianschool were equipped with the flat heating panels.

Merianschool is an inclusive school that is open to all people with or without special needs. Some children are sensitive to light. Therefore some classroom were designed with non-reflective window films and special wall colors.

Kids who belong to these inclusive classes have their own psychomotoric room which is fully equipped with acoustic panels to dampen the sound. In addition, a wide access ramp facilitates entry into the building.