Innovating the future of rental

Rental is a people and a service business in constant change because of megatrends like digitalization, sustainable solutions and more agile organizations. The world is changing and moving faster, and so are we.

We are shaping our future with a new strategy called Shape & Share. With this new strategy, we want to capture the potential in our markets, enable people to achieve top performance, stretch and scale up our business models and last but not least: We want to establish game-changing offerings in sharing resources.

Meet our Innovations Director

In order to come up with ideas for the future, Cramo appointed Tomi Sundberg as Innovations and New Business Development Director in late 2016.

“I am driven by a strong passion for change leadership, business development and performance management. My track record is in international business development, with several years of experience in leading international teams. My ambition is for Cramo to be the most innovative company in the business by 2020.”

70-hour Innovation Race

In partnership with the Swedish consultancy Innovation Plant, Tomi hosted a 70-hour “Innovation Race” to find ideas for the rental business of tomorrow. A large number of creative and innovative employees from every Cramo country gathered in Stockholm, and as a result of that event 15 potential projects were identified. The projects were presented to the market, giving decision makers, board members, customers and other key players the opportunity to take part.

Where is my tool?

The Internet of Things and technology today enable us to tag our machinery. This makes it easy to track equipment and helps our customers to locate their rentals on work sites. Combined with our new Cramo eCRent e-commerce solution, tagging fits really well with our mission – to give our customers a great day at work. The idea is that they will be able to track their rental products online.

What happens now?

Still, this is just the starting point. We will continually put new ideas and projects in an agile innovations matrix. In order to adapt to future challenges, we can no longer work with roadmaps; we need to be agile and initiate development on a continuous basis. We have set up a Digital Transformation Team with the purpose of providing the best development environment possible. The team is led by Tomi.

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