Isolde, Procurement Development Manager, Sweden

She loves travelling and has lived in four countries in Europe – born in Ireland, grew up in Norway, studied in Scotland and moved to Sweden. For now, Isolde has decided to call Stockholm her base and pursue a career in Cramo.

Isolde has been with Cramo since 2016, when she started as E-procurement Manager. Her initial role was to drive the implementation of Cramo’s purchase-to-pay platform, C-buy. By now, it has been rolled out in 5 countries and it has simplified the way Cramo purchases. Today, Isolde holds the position as Procurement Development Manager and is part of the Group Fleet Management team, located at HQ in Sweden. Her work with the C-buy platform continues – in order to develop it further and make it even better.

“I really believe in what I am doing and that it makes life easier for people in our organisation. My goal is to make sure that my internal customers have ‘A great day at work’, which is Cramo’s customer promise”, says Isolde.

Working in projects on group level, has taken Isolde to different locations in the Cramo world and she has had the pleasure of meeting people in different functions. She constantly learns from her colleagues.

“I get really good feedback from people I work with. A colleague told me, after a quite intense project, that she enjoys having me on the team – that I am persevered and work hard. It makes me really happy knowing that my work matters.”

Results-oriented and hard-working, that is only a few words to describe Isolde as a team member. What people also appreciate about her is that she manages to get people together.

“I bake a lot, that is how I relax at home. And I’m known for organising fika at the office. My colleagues seem to appreciate that I take initiatives to have some fun in the workplace.”

It is apparent that Isolde has the recipe for what makes her colleagues and customers have a great day at work – whether it comes to simplifying their purchases or baking amazing cakes!


What’s is your favourite tool?
A power drill.

What do you do when you are not at work?
I spend time with friends, travel (I love exploring new places and meeting new people) and play boardgames.

What did you have for lunch today?
A homemade salad with homemade hummus and falafel.

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