Long-term customer relationships build trust

Winning the Central European market has proven successful after significant efforts and building of long-term partnerships, supported by the other two strategic must-win battles. Cramo’s tools business in Central Europe is now bigger than ever before.

Our customer Bilfinger Hochbau is constructing two towers for a major construction project in Munich. The Bavarian Towers is the first large commercial high-rise ensemble approved in Munich after a longer time. The project started in 2016 and is planned to be completed by early 2018. Bilfinger rents equipment from Cramo based on a long-term contract, enabling Cramo to invest in new equipment especially for this site and for the whole project-cycle; tools such as impact wrenches, concrete silos, concrete vibrators and heating measures.

“The collaboration with Cramo is the result of a recommendation from colleagues at a different Bilfinger jobsite. Key factors for choosing Cramo were the wide range of tools and machines available, price criteria, as well as the constructive mindset during the negotiations. The cooperation at the site is going very well – we feel we are in good hands. Questions are answered and problems solved in a quick and unbureaucratic way,” explains Mr Theodor Sprick, Senior Project Manager at Bilfinger Hochbau.

“For our company, the security aspect is very important. Cramo meets our requirements to our utmost satisfaction by providing and recording security checks for all equipment in use. We also appreciate Cramo’s service to provide security checks for our own equipment. Last but not least, Cramo often uses new equipment fulfilling the latest environmental protection and safety requirements,” Mr Sprick continues.


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