Maria, Inside sales representative, Sweden

Inside Sales Representative Maria is our first point of contact for our customers in the Länna depot outside Stockholm, Sweden. In her role, she either meets customers eye to eye in the shop or receives orders over the phone. Some of the customers are new and some are returning.

“I am proactive in my job and seize every opportunity to create relationships to our customers, so they want to come back to us. Our customers really make me happy. And some of them have actually become more like friends, since they come here every day.”

Maria has worked as an Inside Sales Rep for seven years in total – Cramo has been her employer since December 2017. As the helpful and caring person she is, Maria takes the role as an organizer in the workplace. Everyone knows that she is on top of things and that you always can rely on her.

Before joining Cramo, Maria worked in the construction industry, building houses for NCC. Family members of hers had worked in the rental business – that was how she knew about Cramo. When a former colleague recommended Cramo as a workplace, she decided to join. Maria’s background as a builder has been an advantage when customers come and ask for advice regarding what equipment to rent or ask for an odd construction machine that most people never heard of.

“I use what I learned from the building industry in my current job and I think our customers appreciate the knowledge I bring”, Maria says.

Maria’s talent doesn’t stop with her ability to create a great customer experience or being an expert in construction equipment – she is actually an awesome sewer, creating masterpieces in her spare time. She mainly dresses her goddaughter, but sometimes she sews something for herself too. So, if you need help with either construction or couture – you can rely on Maria!


What’s is your favourite tool?
“Excavators and rollers. The bigger, the better!”

What do you do when you are not at work?
“I work out in the gym, sew clothes or work on my car.”

What did you have for lunch today?
“Sausage Stroganoff with rice.”

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