Marianne, Operations Coordinator, Norway

Marianne celebrates her 10th anniversary in Cramo Norway in 2019. During her time in the company, she has had a few different roles within the operations area. Alongside, she has always been engaged in internal projects with the aim to improve Cramo.

“When your heart belongs to Cramo, like mine does, you want to contribute to the company’s development”, she continues.

Marianne often goes by the nickname “Sola”, which translates to “The Sun”. It fairly describes the impression you get when you meet her – a person who shines with positivity.

Her outlook on life goes well in hand in her job as Operations Coordinator, a supporting role to Cramo’s Customer Advisors. Marianne travels around Norway to educate and support the work in the customers frontline.

“We work in a high-paced environment with high demands on us to deliver the best of quality – our customers are always in focus. I contribute to the atmosphere in my team by being uplifting to my colleagues. My belief is that we reach our results while having a bit of fun together”, she says.

Marianne believes that she learns something new every day in her job. She wants to pay extra tribute to her colleagues for not only giving her a chance to develop as a professional, but also for giving her a good laugh, trust and friendship. Being “Sola” has most definitely been an advantage for Marianne in her work and her attitude seems to be contagious.

“For me, it is very easy to like people and put on a smile. And I love life – at work and outside”.

Enjoying an active spare time is also important to Marianne. As often as she can, she goes mountain touring with her dog or spends time with the people she values most – her two daughters, friends and family.


What’s is your favourite tool?
“My mobile phone – what would you do without it? 🙂 ”

What do you do when you are not at work?
“Watch Netflix series, train with my dog or spend time with friends and family.”

What did you have for lunch today?
“We have a canteen with a great selection of ingredients for a nice salad.”

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