Member candidates to Adapteo Plc’s Board of Driectors

Peter Nilsson

Born 1962, Swedish citizen, M.Sc. (Econ.).

Primary work experience:

President and CEO of Sanitec Corporation 2010–2015.
CEO of Duni AB 2004–2007.
Various Senior Management positions, Swedish Match Group 1987–2003.

Current positions of trust:

Board Chairman: Lindab International AB, House of Flowers Sweden AB, Unilode Aviation Solutions International AG and Poleved Industrial Performance AB.

Board member: Cramo Plc, Team Tråd & Galler Holding AB, J.H. Tidbeck AB, Wermer Förvaltning AB, Signtronic Produktion AB, Kylpanel i Nassjö AB, Sandur ehf., Dagar ehf. and Navibus AB.

In addition, Mr. Nilsson is a member of Cramo Plc’s Remuneration Committee.


Carina Edblad

Born 1963, Swedish citizen, M.Sc. (Engineering) and leadership program at Ruter Dam.

Primary work experience:

CEO of Thomas Betong AB, Stebo AB and Strömstadsbetong AB.
Member of Extended Management Team of Thomas Concrete Group AB.
CEO of GBP, Göteborgs Betongpumpnings AB 2011–2017.

Current positions of trust:

Board Chairman: Svensk Betong Service AB.

Board member: Thomas Betong AB, Stebo AB, Strömstadsbetong AB, Instalco Intressenter AB and ERMCO (European Ready Mixed Concrete Organization).


Outi Henriksson

Born 1969, Finnish citizen, M.Sc. (Econ.).

Primary work experience:

CFO and a member of the Executive Committee of Aktia Bank plc.
CFO and a member of the Group Management Team of VR-Group Ltd 2012–2017.

Current positions of trust:

Board member: Veikkaus Ltd, Sponda Plc and Aktia Life Insurance Ltd.


Andreas Philipson

Born 1958, Swedish citizen, M.Sc. (Engineering), Harvard Business School Executive Program of Service Profit Chain and ABB International Business Unit Program.

Primary work experience:

CEO and Founder of T.A.M. Group AB.

Current positions of trust:

Board Chairman: Several subsidiaries of T.A.M. Group AB.

Board member: Stendörren Fastigheter AB, Besqab AB (publ), Urbe et Orbe Real estate AB, Temaplan Asset Management Holding AB and Norrboda Exploatering AB.

Joakim Rubin

Born 1960, Swedish citizen, M.Sc. (Industrial Engineering and Management).

Primary work experience:

Partner and Chief Investment Advisor of Public Value advisory team of EQT AB and EQT Partners AB.
Founding Partner of Zeres Capital Partners AB and CIO 2013–2018.
Senior Partner and Head of Public Market Fund of CapMan Plc 2008–2015.
Several positions i.e. Head of Corporate Finance and Debt Capital Markets, Handelsbanken Capital Markets 1995–2008.

Current positions of trust:

Board Chairman: Zeres Capital Partners AB, Zeres Capital AB and ZC Advisory AB.

Board member: Cramo Plc, Hoist Finance AB (publ), HOIST Kredit AB and ÅF Pöyry AB (publ).

In addition, Mr. Rubin is Chairman of Cramo Plc’s Audit Committee and member of its M&A Committee.

Corporate governance statements

Corporate governance

The corporate governance at Cramo is based on Finnish law and the Company’s Articles of Association. The Group complies with the rules of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd and the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2015 published by the Securities Market Association. The Corporate Governance Code is available on the Securities Market Association’s website: Cramo does not deviate from the Finnish Corporate Governance Code Recommendations.

The Group’s headquarters are in Vantaa, Finland and the Company is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.

Cramo prepares annual financial statements and interim reports conforming to Finnish law and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Statements and reports are published in Finnish and English.

Overview of Corporate Governance Components at Cramo Group

The Group’s control and management responsibilities are divided among the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors with its two committees, and the President and CEO, the Group management team, managing directors of subsidiaries, and the General Management Meeting. The Board of Directors supervises the performance of the Company, its management and organisation on behalf of shareholders. The Board of Directors and the Group management team are separate bodies, and no one serves as a member of both.