Moa knew little about Cramo when she started six years ago. She chose Cramo because the manager she met inspired her, and the challenges he promised her.

Since 2015, Moa has been working as a Process Manager within Repair Management for Cramo Group. Located in the Solna HQ, she works close to the management team. It makes it easy for her to get full insight in Cramo’s road ahead.

I like the combination of the fact that the company has clear goals, and that I have a great manager that trusts me and gives me freedom to make my own decisions in my area of responsibility.

Her physical workplace is in the HQ, but she has always made sure to be as close to the business as possible.

I am very hands on and curious as a person. I always try to take time to travel in my work to get reality checks and keep one foot in the world out there.

In her current role, she is managing a project that will harmonize Cramo’s processes within Repair Management and simplify their way of working. She is driving a process team that includes all Service Managers on most of Cramo’s markets. Moa finds their meetings truly inspiring.

Every time we meet, we come up with new ideas and everyone is on board. It is a fantastic group of creative minds and we have a lot of fun together.

Moa believes her colleagues would describe her as a confident, communicative and goal-oriented person. Her role is meant to be a role that people feel like they can call for advice. At Cramo, people in general are very supportive and passionate about helping each other in reaching their common goal – to take Cramo to the next level. Moa is very satisfied with the choice she made six years ago ­– that she chose her manager. She hasn’t been let down, she has been challenged every day in different ways.


What’s is your favourite tool?
“Excel – no questions asked. I use Excel in almost everything I do. It gives you flexibility and an overview of information. Excel has no limits.”

What do you do when you are not at work?
“Seeing friends and family. I have my personal trainer. And I read a lot too.”

What did you have for lunch today?
“Oh, I actually had a lunchbox with my home-made mushroom soup. It was delicious.”

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