Modular space

Cramo Adapteo is the brand for Modular Space. We make adding extra space easy – from analyzing your needs and designing a solution to building and dismantling it. Using a range of flexible modular units, our industry leading experts ensure the process goes quickly and smoothly.

Our modular units are built to the same exacting standards as permanent buildings. They can be combined in lots of different ways to suit the area you have to work with.

With Cramo Adapteo, you can conveniently rent welcoming space for daycare, school, office, accommodation or event needs. We see modular space as a chance not just to expand, but to create room for great days.

You will find Cramo Adapteo in the following markets: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Lithuania. More markets to follow.


Our offerings

  • Daycare

    Temporary daycare facilities from Cramo Adapteo are stable, quiet and just as comfortable as any permanent premises. The modules are produced and adapted to particular needs, both the common playing and work areas and the individual spaces such as nursery rooms, personnel room and resting/relaxation room. The entrance spaces are adapted to the needs of babies, and child safety is well provided for, through things like low-temperature radiators.

  • Schools

    Cramo Adapteo has several modular systems that are adapted for education. The different types of modules provide perfect classroom measurements, are very light and have good ventilation. Additional wet rooms and large entrances, corridors and stairwells are designed to allow many to pass in and out at the same time.

  • Offices

    Cramo Adapteo’s modular systems are particularly good for satisfying rapidly changing office needs. It may be a matter of temporary solutions at the time of restructuring, a place for project organizations, but also an alternative at the time of new construction or expansion.

  • Accommodation

    Cramo Adapteo can also offer residential solutions that are suitable as workers’ accommodation for field project personnel, student apartments or group accommodation with common living spaces connected to private rooms.

  • Event and exhibitions

    More and more companies recognize the value of a high-quality showroom, on or off their premises. We offer a high quality and stylish temporary space solution that focuses on your corporate image and communication message. Attractive showrooms, efficient exhibition booth or smart sales pavilions on a road-show are just some examples on what we can assist with. Currently only available in our German speaking markets. (in German)