Narrowband IoT pilot

Cramo is piloting a NB-IoT joint pilot with Telia and RD Velho

NB-IoT is a narrowband radio technology designed for the Internet of Things. The technology will be used to track a number of machines on a customers site using real time cloud service tracking to be able to follow positioning, usage, power consumption, movement etc. Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) allows the sensor to directly access the web over Telia’s mobile network, without the need for additional gateways. The sensors will be installed on the rental machine at delivery.

“Giving our customers the possibility to follow and monitor all rental machines online, getting information in real time on where each machine is located with information on usage would be a great benefit to our construction customers. It would increase efficiency with the possibility to optimize the fleet and a future scenario would be to integrate the online service into our existing commercial online services”, says Jani Kilkka, Development Manager, Cramo Finland.

Our customers, especially the industrial sector, are also asking for technology that will add safety to their business. If the rental machines used on the sites can be tracked and monitored great safety benefits can be presented. Access control is of high demand, only the people with the right training and clearance can have access to certain machines. Geo fencing is another feature which makes it impossible to use a certain machine in a specific area, for safety reasons.

The narrowband technology is entering the commercial field and Cramo, being a forerunner in rental, will test if NB-IoT can add value to their rental customers. The pilot will be running at a YIT job site in Helsinki until March 2019.

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