New head office for Cramo in Finland

One of the largest logistics centres in the rental industry

For many years the Cramo head office has been located at Kalliosolantie in Vantaa but since 4 May all office staff along with other functions for maintenance and logistics are officially located at the new premises in Åby.

It was when the lease of the old main office expired, it became of interest to look for new premises where warehousing, maintenance and logistics operations could be concentrated. One of the criteria was a logistically functional location with good connections to Helsinki and the rest of Finland.

The project started in the spring of 2019 and construction began in April 2020, which even the Covid-19 situation could not slow down. Cramo’s head office staff moved to the new premises as early as February, and the rest of the operations will be transferred to Åby by the summer.

Cramo staff have been involved in the design of the premises from the very beginning, with the aim to have the premises that are right for our needs. The huge area has both warehousing and logistics facilities as well as office space.

The new centralized facilities meet our needs perfectly, as they increase delivery speed and improve customer service. Modern facilities also support the well-being of the personnel, says Tuomas Myllynen, MD Cramo Finland.

Cramo Finland MD Tuomas Myllynen at the new the extensive operations center and head office in Åby.