Online rental makes your job easier

Do you know that we offer online digital services that will let you rent, manage and return equipment online?

The online portal and two mobile apps make it easier for customers to rent equipment digitally, get a better overview of their rentals and manage returns of equipment and a number of customers give their testimonial to this.

“The job has gotten easier, clearer and smoother since we started renting construction equipment online,” says Axel Lindström, contracting engineer at RO-Gruppen in Sweden.

Using his computer, Axel can easily search for the tools and machinery he needs for his construction project and then place an order. He can also order transport and book returns, a service that he previously had to call the depot to get help with but which is now available via the portal. In fact, Axel estimates that he rented 70-80 per cent of the equipment online used for a specific project.

The services will also help companies be more cost efficient, help them with project planning as well as manage and access important documents.

“We want to help customers become more efficient in their rental management and offer them digital solutions that improves their daily work. The offer will help everyone from managers at bigger companies to self-employed entrepreneurs keeping track of their rented equipment directly from their mobile device. No matter the size of the company or project, job site managers can save time and be more cost efficient”, says Elina Aalto, Head of Digital Channels at Cramo Group.

The digital solution contains an easy-to-access web portal and two mobile apps, Product Viewer and MyEquip for Android and iOS. Customers sign up via the web portal and get an overview of invoices and projects. The web portal will also act as the hub for all rentals and can be used by managers and economy departments for order history and management.
Customers can order equipment on the go via the MyEquip app, which also can be used to order pick-ups when it’s time to return the equipment. The Product Viewer app can be used on the job-site by employees to easily scan equipment and get tutorials, instructions and read safety manuals for any of the 220,000 modern pieces of equipment that Cramo offer.