Rental replaces the concept of a consumer with that of a user

Long before the sharing economy was defined as a concept associated with online solutions for sharing between individuals, there was a well-functioning model based on the same idea. For the rental industry, the idea of sharing has played a fundamental role since the 1960s. Responsible sharing of resources is the core of Cramo’s business.

There are many reasons to share resources by renting equipment. In this article we present three advantages.

#1 You make a sustainable contribution: Depending on specific user practice, it’s estimated that renting instead of owning can lead to significant reductions in CO2 emissions, in the range of 30% and sometimes over 50%.

#2 You may save quite a lot of money: By renting instead of buying, you release capital over a long period of time. A rental cost does not weigh the balance sheet and liquidity in the same way as a purchase. Instead you share the cost with others and thus get access to the equipment needed, without investing any of your own capital.

#3 You get access to modern equipment just when you need it: By renting instead of buying you always have access to the equipment you need right there and then. Cramo’s fleet of machinery and equipment gives you access to modern, efficient technology.

Rental replaces the concept of a consumer with that of a user. It guarantees a high degree of resource efficiency and leads to environmental improvements such as transport optimisation and reduced emissions and waste. By providing users with easy access to a modern, efficient fleet of machinery and equipment, just for the time they need them, Cramo helps customers achieve their own sustainability targets and facilitates the transition to a circular economy.