Rented 70% of the equipment online

“The job has gotten easier, clearer and smoother since we started renting construction equipment online,” says Axel Lindström, contracting engineer at RO-Gruppen in Sweden.

Using his computer, Axel can easily search for the tools and machinery he needs for his construction project and then place an order. He can also order transport and book returns, a service that he previously had to call the depot for to get help with but which is now available via Cramo’s customer portal.

Easy, fast and convenient

“Everything is documented online. That’s made it easy for me to answer any questions. I was the person in charge of rentals for the project, and it was easy for me to miss something. Thanks to this online service, I knew exactly how much we rented during the course of the project.  I was also able to book equipment conveniently in advance. That’s given me and everyone involved in the project a lot better overview,” says Axel.

Axel was first introduced to Cramo’s online service when he took over responsibility for logistics during phase two of the renovation of the former textile production district in Borås, Sweden.

“Complete overhauls and renovations are not without their complications. Challenges pop up time and again and have to be handled on a continuous basis. We could have rented everything from day one, but we didn’t want to work that way and didn’t feel we needed to. With this simple, flexible online service, it was easy for me to add to my order bit by bit. I was also able to save products in my basket during the day and then place a complete order later on.”

The process for deliveries and returns has also been made smoother and more efficient, in part by enabling customers to see all information in real time, with a breakdown of all current rentals, and by offering them the option of seeing statistics on all rental equipment.

“It’s faster and more convenient to book transport and returns online instead of by phone”, Axel notes.

Money saved

The renovation of the textile district in Borås has been under way since 2017, and among other changes, space is being made for a school, a gym and 3,000 square metres of office premises. Axel estimates that he has rented more than 300 pieces of equipment at a single time during the course of the project. He has rented 70–80 per cent of the equipment online.

“Before we started to use the online service, we placed orders by calling or visiting the depot every week or every month and then got a confirmation by email or on our invoice each month. Now I can see updated prices in real time online, which has worked really well. It’s given me a much better overview of what things cost, and I’ve been able to make adjustments with the help of quick feedback from Cramo.”

By having a comprehensive overview of all RO-Gruppen’s invoices, it has also been easier for Axel and his company to monitor all their rental-related costs vis-à-vis their customer.

“No matter what you rent, you want to know what things cost. Nowadays, there’s never an invoice that comes as a surprise. If you know clearly what everything costs from the start, there are no misunderstandings”.