Renting just got smarter

Digital solutions for smarter rental

Rent, manage and return all equipment rentals online and get a clear overview of rental data and invoices with Cramo’s digital tools

Improved productivity saves time and money. The ability to have a clear overview of costs and products combined with a smooth user experience are the fundament for Cramo’s digital solutions. Additional advantages are transparency and access to data, which help not only to improve utilization but also add valuable insight. Digital tools are a key part of improving our customers’ productivity and designed to bring speed, clarity and ease-of-use to the rental process.

We want to help our customers to ease up their rental management and offer them solutions that facilitate their day-to-day work. Our digital tools will help everyone from managers at bigger companies to self-employed entrepreneurs by keeping track of their rented equipment directly from their mobile phone or tablet. No matter the size of the company or project, we are doing our bit to help job site managers save time and be more cost efficient, says Elina Aalto, Head of Digital Channels at Cramo Group.

In addition to an easy-to-access web portal our digital solutions currently offer two mobile apps, ProductViewer and MyEquip for Android and iOS. We are also in the final stages of developing a new Cramo App that will be launched during the first quarter. The Cramo app will combine the key functionalities of both the ProductViewer and the MyEquip and in the first stage a direct link into renting. The app will be developed with additional functionalities during the year and will work as Cramo’s key app going forward. Just as we concentrate our digital services online to one site and platform, we will concentrate our app features into one app.

With online tools our customers can speed up the rental process and save time. Flexibility to rent 24/7, simple provision of detailed information about our machines and services and access to data for analysis are just some of the key benefits our customers gain on their journey with Cramo. Renting just got smarter!