Seizing the potential of the latest technology

Cramo has started collaborating with top startups to gain insight into the potential of the latest technology.

IoT – the internet of Things – influences our business in many ways. It helps us add more value to our customers and improve our internal efficiency, and it provides means to develop our business models and find new ones. New solutions enable tracking tool usage at construction sites, for example. Customer value is added when the appropriate tools can be brought on site just when the need arises. Internal efficiency increases when unneeded tools can quickly be taken to other locations. In the future, this solution can be developed into providing comprehensive tool fleet management services to our customers.

Since September 2017, Cramo has collaborated with EIT Digital’s Advanced Connectivity Platform for Vertical Segments High Impact Initiative, known as ACTIVE. In ACTIVE, sensor computers, intelligent gateways and a cloud solution are integrated into a next generation IoT platform.

Three Finnish subgrant companies in ACTIVE work together with Cramo. An initial batch of Cramo tools has been equipped with intelligent sensors and an IoT solution from ACTIVE. The goal is to transfer usage information and to test the end-to-end connectivity between construction site and cloud.

“For EIT Digital and its partners, it’s crucial to thoroughly understand the customer perspective. We want to test our products and services in their actual environment to ensure fit and usability. Cramo’s open, practical approach to innovations and its ability to quickly develop ideas and test them in real-world circumstances benefit all parties”, says Marko Turpeinen, Director of EIT Digital Helsinki Node.

The next step will be a bigger pilot project involving several gateways and a large number of sensors. The aim is to develop innovative technology and business hand in hand.