Social care

Being a responsible corporate citizen is a long-term commitment for us. Conducting business in an ethical, transparent and lawful manner is of highest priority – everything we do has an impact.

Ethical guidelines

Our Code of Conduct, with its focus on helping our employees make the right decisions, guides us in our daily work. The Code covers areas such as compliance with laws and policies, creation of safe, healthy workplaces, and our conduct as a responsible corporate citizen.

Cramo has also established a specific Code of Conduct for suppliers since we encourage our business partners to adhere to similar high ethical standards. Cramo prioritises long-term collaboration with suppliers.

Receiving early warnings through our whistleblowing system

Our whistleblowing mechanism provides a way for all our employees to report suspicions of misconduct, that is, actions that do not align with our company values and that may harm individuals, the company, or the environment. The system is provided by an external party, ensuring full anonymity for the whistle-blower.

Encouraging local engagement

Cramo supports several local community involvement initiatives in the different markets where we operate. We wants to contribute to a fair and sustainable society.