SOS Children’s Villages 2018

Cramo extends its partner agreement to support SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children's Villages partner logo 2018Cramo Group, Europe’s second largest rental service company, specialising in equipment rental and rental of modular space, has prolonged its agreement as a partner to SOS Children’s Villages. The initiative involves guaranteed financial support to SOS Children’s Villages in the Baltic countries as well as access to expertise in marketing and access to Cramo’s business network in the Baltic countries. It also entails an ambition to support the local SOS organizations in other countries where Cramo has presence.

“We are very pleased that our partnership with Cramo has been prolonged, and thankful for Cramo’s support in our work for some of the most vulnerable children in the world – children who have lost, or are at the risk of losing, parental care. Together we can contribute to a sustainable future for these children as the quality of childhood sets the stage for the future development of individuals and societies”, says Charlotte Köhler Lindahl, head of corporate relations, SOS Children’s Villages Sweden.

Social engagement

Cramo is present in 300 cities and villages in 12 European countries and in another two countries via a joint venture. “Our business relies heavily on strong local relations. Local engagement – also beyond our direct business relationships – is a central part of our sustainability work” says Anders Collman, VP Sustainability.

“Social commitment is part of our organizational culture. And the possibility to contribute to a ‘larger cause’ is becoming more and more expressed among our employees. Especially in the younger generations”, Anders continues.

Long term commitment

Cramo’s support to SOS Children’s Villages goes fifteen years back, and since 2008 the company has partner status. “By committing to a sponsorship, we contribute to building real homes to the most destitute children. Obviously, this is of great importance to the children, their families and the local society. In a larger perspective it has a positive impact also on the industry and our own operations”.