Stay safe at work

Health and safety at customer sites is our first priority and an integral part of our business. Cramo provides a wide range of safety equipment as well as training and broader safety solutions. Our vision is zero accidents at construction sites.

Cramo School

One of the biggest risks in the construction industry are casualties from falls, so training in handling access equipment and using fall protection also constitutes the bulk of the training provided by Cramo School. One of Cramo School’s strengths is connecting theory to practice – making participants actively aware that they should not take unnecessary risks and of how to work safely. Read more about Cramo School.

Besides working with height there are many other obvious risks on a construction site which makes it very important to always wear head protection and to make sure that all other necessary precautions are made. When operating tools and equipment it’s important to always follow the recommended safety instructions.

Respiratory protection

Dust is harmful and it’s important to use the necessary protection. An important issue in the selection of respiratory protection is if there is a risk of oxygen deficiency or not. Other factors to consider in addition to the dangerous substances the equipment must protect against are, for example working time, temperature and visibility requirements.

Vibrating tools

Many construction tools vibrate and for longer use there is a risk of vibration injury, such as “white fingers”. These machines should therefore not be used continuously for long periods of time. We recommend that the user is wearing anti-vibration gloves in order to reduce the risk.

Ear protection

The construction business can be a noisy environment and many tools can affect your hearing. During longer periods of exposure there is a risk of hearing damage. We recommend that the user and people close to the work site wear ear protection to reduce the risk of injury.

Protective glasses

Some machines spread wood chips or sawdust around it. We therefore recommend that the user and other people close to the work being carried out wear protective eyewear to reduce the risk of injury.

At many of our depots we offer a wide range of safety equipment. Make sure that you always use the right equipment and that you have the proper information and training to handle the machinery.