Tarmo, Customer Service Representative, Estonia

Our Customer Service Representative Tarmo in Viljandi, Estonia, started as a summer intern. Showing keen interest in the rental business, a positive attitude and that he could get the job done, resulted in a full-time job in the depot a few years later.

“My two summers as an intern, I helped out with cleaning machines and things like that, but since I had gained IT knowledge in school I wanted to know how rental works when you are using digital tools.”

One and a half year ago he became a permanent part of the team in the Viljandi depot, a smaller sized depot with five colleagues. Tarmo is confident about having found his perfect workplace.

“I think it is the people I work with that makes it so great. As I don’t have as much knowledge in construction as my colleagues, they help me a lot. I learn new things every day and I’m known for being a fast learner.”

Learning and teaching is actually what Tarmo’s job is all about. Tarmo passes the knowledge he gains from his colleagues on to Cramo’s customers – always trying to find the best solutions to fit their needs. As a Customer Service Representative, he provides the customers with the necessary tools for them to do the job themselves. A win-win situation!

As a social person, Tarmo enjoys the yearly get-togethers with his colleagues, such as the summer and Christmas party. He thinks it is very important to have a good atmosphere and get to know each other, to be able to work as tightly as they do in the small depot. Outside work, he also keeps himself active; hanging out with friends and family, attending festivals or just playing a game of basketball.


What’s is your favourite tool?
My favorite tool is dynolift, although I am a little bit afraid of heigths. When we test the machines I like to go up and enjoy the view.

What do you do when you are not at work?
On weekdays I usually go out and just enjoy the weather with friends. On the weekends I try to visit my relatives in Pärnu as much as possible.

What did you have for lunch today?
I had potato salad, grilled pork and a protein shake.

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