The cost-effectiveness of sharing

Many associate the sharing economy with the success of companies like Airbnb and Uber. They represent a new way of thinking when it comes to shortening the distance between suppliers and customers, sellers and buyers.

Actually, Cramo has based its rental business on the sharing economy ethos for over 60 years. And nobody is happier than us that more and more people are now realising the benefits of sharing instead of buying.

To us, this change of paradigm has just begun.

Why now?
The growing demand for rental services is supported by a number of trends, such as demographic changes, urbanization, resource scarcity, sustainable development, digitalisation and the sharing economy. Now they all coincide.

From an industrial standpoint, the sharing economy is revolutionary in its simplicity. When companies start sharing physical resources, they stimulate others to align their business activities with sharing economy principles.

Along with construction volume, the growth drivers for equipment rental include the benefits of sharing, technological advances that lead to a higher cost of ownership, and the need for total solutions and service concepts.

What are the benefits?
First, the obvious one – efficient sharing has a positive environmental impact throughout a product’s life cycle – from resource extraction and manufacturing to transportation and usage to end of life and waste management. A fully utilised product, one in continuous use, is in all respects a more sustainably utilised product than one that sits idle for long periods.

Construction companies have become increasingly aware of the environmental and economic benefits of waste collection, separation and recycling – though many still struggle with execution in these areas. The main issue is decreasing the total amount of waste as well as reducing and managing mixed waste. It is also not uncommon that as much as 20 percent of all waste at a construction site comes from “temporary constructions”, which could at least be partly replaced by rental solutions. Rental partners could help construction companies reduce and recycle waste, take care of end-of-life equipment and use their leverage to promote production of more sustainable, recyclable equipment.

What do you get when you rent from Cramo?

We are experts in machinery, rental equipment and modular space, and we provide you with the best possible service solutions. This means you can focus on your own business and tasks.

Cost-effectiveness and transparency
You share the cost with others and thus get access to the best and most modern equipment available without investing any of your own capital. You also get a clear overview of your costs and can easily assign expenses to different accounts and projects.

As projects proceed, needs tend to change. With a rental solution from us, you get instant service and support and can easily adjust your rental equipment to your new situation.

With more than 230,000 rental items available through our 300 depots and sales offices in 14 countries, we make sure we can give you accessible solutions, whatever your local needs.