The importance of innovation

Some might say that the construction industry has been a little slow to modernise. But now things are changing. The digital technology enables new solutions that make all phases of construction more effective. In  this article, you’ll find how our and others’ innovations remodel the industry.

Shaping the industry

Cramo’s role is no longer only about providing 240,000 tools and machines. We’re part of the professional sharing economy, where companies share resources between each other.

It’s possible to make construction processes faster, more cost-effective and more sustainable, both in terms of planning and design and in the daily work at the construction site. Innovating according to Cramo is simply about how we can facilitate our customers. If we create value for them, we’ve also improved our business and obtained values that we haven’t previously been able to demonstrate.

In 2019, Cramo has launched two apps that make the daily work easier and faster in different ways: MyEquip and Product Viewer.


MyEquip gives the user full control of all the rented equipment directly in the mobile. You can manage both your rented machines from Cramo, but also other suppliers, around the clock. This helps to reduce incidents for misplaced or unused machines and tools. The app also enables a safer documentation on returns. The user can save the pick list, send it to a colleague or to the nearest Cramo depot.

Product Viewer

With the Product Viewer, the user has immediate access to user manuals, dimensions, inspection documents and other relevant information. Simply scan the product’s unique serial number and display all available data. The big advantage is that it becomes easier to ensure safe use of the equipment. The Product Viewer also makes it easier to work according to specific regulations related to the equipment.

Both the apps and our updated website where you rent tools, machines and equipment, have been designed based on our customers’ wishes. As an example, there was a strong desire to be able to easily search for the nearest Cramo depot. On the site, the users can:

• easily search for tools and machines
• rent directly online
• order transport and return
• manage their tools and machines
• get an overview of all their invoices
• see statistics on all people hired
• get a weekly report with all ongoing rents

An everlasting process

It’s in the nature of the matter that you never finish your digitalization. It’s all about being agile, testing, piloting, expand what works and shut down what doesn’t work.

All of this of course means that Cramo has a climate where ideas are encouraged and shared. Our ambition is, with a clear vision and goals, to involve all our employees in order to jointly drive the company forward. And that’s a universal recipe. Companies who want to grow need people who’re motivated by doing the job a little better than yesterday, and who constantly want to learn new things.