Three reasons to share

A sharing economy is an economic model where people can borrow or rent assets owned by someone else. Underutilized assets are then being used more often, thereby increasing the utilization.

Cramo is part of the B2B sharing economy where companies invest in and maintain, a whole product fleet for others to share (as opposed to companies such as Uber, who power a platform economy).

As a construction company, big or small, you have a lot to benefit from. Here are three advantages of specific interest to you.

You make a sustainable contribution

Sustainable development has been described as a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The core environmental benefit of B2B sharing is that a fully utilized product – one in continuous use – is in all respects a more sustainably utilized product than one that lies unused for long periods. Fewer products are then needed, which has a positive effect on the environment both when it comes to manufacturing and transport.

Construction companies have become increasingly aware of the environmental and economic benefits of waste collection, separation and recycling – though many still struggle with execution in said areas. The main issue that remains, however, is decreasing the total amount of waste, as well as reducing and managing mixed waste. It’s also not uncommon that as much as 20 percent of all waste at a construction site comes from temporary constructions, which could at least partially be replaced by rental solutions.

Last but not least, your own brand will benefit from the fact that you take part in the sharing economy – when communicated externally.

You may save quite a lot of money

By renting instead of buying, you release capital over a long period of time. A rental cost does not weigh the balance sheet and liquidity in the same way as a purchase. Instead you share the cost with others and thus get access to the equipment needed, without investing any of your own capital.

You also get a clear overview of your costs and can easily assign expenses to different accounts and projects. As interest rates on monthly rental costs are fixed at Cramo, it’s easier to forecast cashflow.

And obviously, renting means you’re free from maintenance and repair costs.

You get the right equipment just when you need it

By renting instead of buying you always have access to the equipment you need right there and then.

Machines and equipment are inspected and serviced regularly. Before delivery to the customer, a check is always carried out to ensure that the machines are delivered in perfect condition. If the machine breaks down, we make sure that you quickly get it replaced, all to make sure the job will flow smooth at the site.

Not only does Cramo provide you with the equipment you need, but we also provide you with expertise: effective and safe guidance and training on how to use the equipment. We’re experts in machinery, rental equipment and modular space, and we provide you with the best possible service solutions. This means you can focus on your own business and tasks.