Circular economy

We are moving towards circularity

The circular economy replaces the concept of a consumer with that of a user, something that is well known to Cramo through our rental business model. Rental is a sustainable business model for managing assets as it enables more efficient use of equipment and, at the same time, reduces the demand for non-renewable resources. Responsible sharing of resources is the core of our business.

In a series of articles we have explained how we at Cramo are working towards circularity. The four main elements are:

#1 Replacing the concept of a consumer with that of a user

#2 Replacing non-renewable fuels

#3 Sustainable sourcing

#4 Increasing the life span of rental units

Sustainability is embedded in our strategy, and we have assured our position as a sustainability frontrunner in our industry. In the upcoming years, we will increase our focus on sustainable customer use, transports and logistics as well as sustainable sourcing. Our ambition is to lead the way in advancing sustainability in the rental industry as it generates value for our customers and ourselves.

We will also continue to improve our internal operations, integrating sustainability into all parts of our organisation. We will maintain our sharp focus on business ethics, occupational health and safety, mitigating our environmental impact and taking an active role in the communities we operate in.

The journey towards circularity is an important one for Cramo. Join us in our transition!