We choose Cramo

There are several reasons to choose Cramo. With a strong network of 300 depots and sales offices and 220,000 rental items in 11 countries we can provide modern rental solutions in equipment rental.

Our customers can be found in construction companies, industry and the public sector, as well as private customers.


"There is a high fatality rate associated with construction-related falls, and strict adherence to fall protection guidelines is definitely an important part of the worksite safety culture. Cramo's training, especially with harness work, gives builders clear insight into safety issues."

Mr Oskari Peurakoski, occupational safety engineer, NCC Rakennus Oy, Finland


"I feel that I can really trust Cramo. I can ask anything, they take it seriously and come up with a reasonably priced solution very quickly. We actually had an issue with cold weather and moisture, and Cramo quickly resolved it without any disruption in the construction work itself."

Mr Andreas Schmelzer, Building site manager, Bilfinger Hochbau, Germany